Physiotherapy includes the diagnosis, treatment and management of sports related injuries. Assessment of contributing factors, initial treatment, development and management of a Pre / Rehabilitation plan.

Treatment techniques include muscle & fascial release, joint mobilisation, dry needling, strapping & taping, nerve gliding and postural & biomechanical training specific to your sport.

R420 a session

For bookings:,  Julia  0845661053, Jessica  0731868082 and Sheenagh  0835547506.

Dry Needling



Facilitated rehabilitiation


Biokinetics involves rehabilitation of sports related injuries and prehabilitation. It incorporates specific strength and flexibility training as well as education on best biomechanics for you.

R400 a session

For bookings:,  Devon  0825574572.

Sports massage

Sports massage is one of the best ways to recover from high training loads or stresses. Manual manipulation of your myofascial layers during a targeted massage stimulates blood flow and helps to normalize your muscle tone.

30 min is R300, 45 min is R350 and 60 min is R400.

For bookings:,  Bridget  0825481724.


Back flex bunkie


Lyno is the assessment and treatment of fascial adhesions throughout your body using a specific manual technique. It s treatment is aimed at unlocking your potential through releasing adhered layers of connective tissue. The fascial restrictions in your body affect your movement and strength and are a product of your activities, postures and injuries over the years. To read more about this method visit the official Lyno method website

R420 a session. It is performed by one of our physios.

For bookings:,  Julia  0845661053, Jessica  0731868082 and Sheenagh  0835547506.


Pilates incorporates specific strength and flexibility training, teaching you how to activate and move in the correct sequences.

Pilates starts as one-on-one training from where you will progress to group sessions.

Your first class is free, it is then R400 for one class a week per month and R700 for two classes a week per month.

For bokings:,  Bridget  0825481724 and Morgen-Emma  0782585893.

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