Tips for RUNNERS

    1. Prepare your body to move well, you need to move well before you run far. Include mobility and strength in your weekly habits.
    2. Build up your distances slowly. This allows for better running form as more muscles have a chance to turn on and become strong at the same rate. If you go out the blocks too fast with your running habits, you will compensate with using only your stronger, more dominant muscles and develop bad form that load your joints unevenly. Uneven load through your body tissues is the leading cause of chronic running injuries due to areas taking excessive strain.
    3. Learn to run well and practice good technique. Technique is not only for the tennis court but your walking and running is best done correctly. The primary goal for achieving good technique is to control your center of gravity by connecting together the correct movement sequences. Set up your posture, drive from strong, supple hips and shoulders. Move forwards with the intent of carrying yourself lightly.
    4. Don't force the speed over long distances. Mastering slow running is going to build up your strength and skill appropriately, enabling speed to flow naturally from your brilliant form.
    5. Keep fast running to short intervals. This is a brilliant trigger for improving cardiovascular fitness and achieving strength through larger ranges. A good starting point for interval training would be 30s hard followed by 30s easy. If you are starting out this might be 30s running followed by 30s walking. Take your time building it up.
    6. Move more during the day. Not being sedentary for long portions of time will prevent your hips, spine and shoulders from stiffening up. If you are sitting alot during the day be sure to open up these areas before you run. If you don t you will likely adopt a compromised running posture making you inefficient and injury prone when running.
    7. Run with a friend. Running with someone else will help get you out of bed in time, especially when the weather's not playing along.
    8. Set goals for yourself. This will keep you motivated and inspired. Let your life be about reaching new frontiers and having new, fantastic experiences.
    9. Don't let your shoes rule you. When your running shoes age, they take on the form of your greatest weight distribution. When this is uneven it reveals how your centre of gravity moves through your running stance. If for instance you load more on the inside of one leg your shoe will wear more there and overtime the shoe will become weaker/softer there creating a camber. You will then be receiving no support in the area where you specifically need the most support. This is why when you may have had a knee niggle in the past it improved when you got new shoes.
    10. Our final tip is MAKE IT FUN! We inherently want to do things that bring us joy, include this in your running. Run for YOU and your enjoyment

Good luck for your hip openers, steady progression, lifting your centre of gravity, short sharp intervals, mobile day jobs, friend catch-ups, new races, correct shoes, and joy for days!


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