We are a multidisciplinary team with the goal of improving the lives of our clients hands on treatments and movement. We offer physiotherapy, biokinetics, running assessments, sports massage, pilates and lyno therapy.

Dr Julia Fisher practices both physio and Lyno and has a PhD in Exercise Science. Her research was on the biomechanics of paddling, and she understands the boat - paddle - person relationship well. She is also supervising research at PhD level on bike set-up.

Jigs believes that "you are what you do". Therefore mobility, movement retraining and balancing out tension/strength tug of wars are a top priority in her sessions.

She enjoys a bit of endurance sport too with  2 Ironmans, 2 Two Oceans Ultra, 5 500km Expedition Africa adventure races and the Freedom challenge race across South Africa under her belt.

GOOD TO KNOW: Julia will challenge you to change. She will hold you accountable to the big picture. 

Devon is our Biokineticist and running consultant. He has obtained degrees from both Stellenbosch University and the University of Cape Town. He is a passionate runner who is currently doing is PhD on the biomechanics of running injuries and running footwear.

Dev specializes in strengthening athletes of all disciplines so that they can stay injury free and unlock their next level of performance. He has extensive knowledge on the biomechanics of most endurance based sports, and focuses on correcting movement patterns in an attempt to prevent and rehabilitate injuries.

Devon feels strongly about educating clients as to why they may be injured, and exactly how each exercise will help you to treat and overcome any injury. Awareness is key!

GOOD TO KNOW: Devon is our 'Running Guru'. He not only treats runners of all levels, but also offers comprehensive running assessments and designs personalized training programmes!


Bridget Ellwood is our practice manager, pilates instructor and sports massage therapist. Bridget graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2013 with a BComm. in Marketing Management. She then went on to become a qualified sports massage therapist and pilates instructor, making her the full package and our secret weapon.

She is passionate about what she does and believes that good positioning and muscle activations are key. Bridge's pilates sessions help you achieve balanced strength throughout your body, enabling you to have efficient movement, in order to prevent and rehabilitate injury in all active individuals, not just that elite. 

Bridget is a passionate runner and adventure seeker who possesses the inherent motivational qualities that will help you become a stronger and more balanced individual.

GOOD TO KNOW: Bridge is committed her clients. She will personalize your training to whatever your individual needs and goals are.

Jess Glass is a passionate physiotherapist who graduated from UCT in 2008. She practices both physio and Lyno and understands the integration of the body very well. Coming from an active family, sports and outdoor activities have been a significant part of her life from a young age and lead to her fascination in the body and its ability to adapt and heal.

She has worked with the South African women’s hockey team for the past three years and has played in the South African indoor hockey team since 2015. In her spare time you’ll find her on the mountain running, cycling or hiking; or searching the peninsula for a wave.

GOOD TO KNOW: Jess has played sport at the highest level, so she knows what it means to demand a lot form your body. We refer to her as 'The Pain Reliever'. Got a niggle, Jess is your go to!

Sheenagh Cardis is a physio and Lyno therapist who is currently enrolled in her second year of an MSc. in Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy. Sheens has worked at St Andrews College (Grahamstown) where she gained a lot of experience in sports physiotherapy at a competitive school level. She knows all the tricks to get you back on the field ASAP. 

She has a super high work ethic and an incredible eye for detail. Her diagnostic and hands on treatments are brilliant. She has special interest in treating rowers, dancers, rugby, cricket and water-polo players.

GOOD TO KNOW: Sheenagh is a wizard when it comes to relieving neck and back pain!

Morgen-Emma Rowell has studied both therapeutic massage and pilates. She has experience with working with the Stormers Rugby players, and at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. Her friendly and bubbly personality attracts positivity to her. 

Morgs gives two pilates classes a week at Beyond Performance; Mondays at 8:00 and Thursdays at 17:30. Her style of class is very well instructed so that you are educated throughout on the correct muscle and movement to perform and practice. 

Morgs has run more than a heap of 21 km road races and is a great support and ,motivation to those who have their own exercise goals.

GOOD TO KNOW: Morgen is the ultimate motivator. You leave her sessions feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!